What you should know about the MPI IIC Annual Awards Judging Panel

The MPI IIC is an educational, inspirational, and rewarding competition which goes hand in hand with the MPI International Photographic Degree Program. For this reason, we are very thoughtful when selecting our judging panel. The IIC does not change the panel often as our judges are trained with the IIC review system. We do however include guest judges to ensure they are a fit with the IIC judging panel.

If you would like to become a part of the MPI IIC Judging Panel and fall within our judging criteria, we would love to hear from you. Please submit your interest in becoming one of our MPI IIC judges and mentors to contact@iiccomp.com. Please include if you meet any of our criteria below when submitting your interest.


  • You are an educator, have presented workshops at a conference for a professional organization/association for 3 or more years. Or have a taken a judging course at one of the professional associations globally. Having judged is a bonus. 
  • You have been continually successful in earning high accolades, or have earned a Masters, Grand Master, Fellowship Degrees.
  • Or, you have presented nature/landscape workshops in the field for more then 5 years.
  • You have a well-established website, social media presence and body of work.
  • Each submission is reviewed on its own merit.



Iran / Australia 
CANSON® Infinity Ambassador | EIZO APAC  Ambassador 

FOROUGH YAVARI is an award-winning fine art portrait and fashion photographer based in Melbourne, Australia. Inspired by her life experiences as a woman, Forough’s work focuses on portraying the narrative behind the lives of women from around the world.

Born in Iran during the Iranian Revolution, Forough was passionate about art from a young age, drawing and painting imaginary subjects as a child. She went on to formally pursue painting in university, where she discovered her passion for photography while modelling for a photography student.

Forough began creating digital art, combining her knowledge and technical expertise in painting and photography. In 2011, she moved to Australia, where she built her photography business and became established as an international photographer. Increasingly, she found her work to be influenced by her personal experience as a woman from a middle eastern country. Her interest in women’s issues led to a series of images, “Revision of Portraits”, “Eternal Icons”, and “Salvation” which were exhibited in Iran and Australia.

In 2018, Forough was awarded the Australian Institute of Professional Photography (AIPP) Master of Photography. She was awarded the Wedding and Portrait Photographers International (WPPI) Master of Photography in 2019, and the Double Master of Photography from WPPI in 2020. She received her Master of Photography with Distinction from the New Zealand Institute of Professional Photography (NZIPP) in 2021. 


2022 Photographic Society of Queensland, Fine-Art  |   Portraiture, Brisbane, Australia  |  2022 Refocus Retreat, Melbourne, Australia  | 2022 National Portrait Gallery, Canberra, Australia  |  2022 Brisbane Camera Group, Fine-Art Portraiture, Brisbane, Australia  |  2021 Melbourne Camera Club, Fine Art Portraiture  |  2020 Behind the Lens, Part 1 and 2, Nikon School Australia 


AIPP (Australian Institute of Professional Photography) State AwarAIPP (Australian Institute of Professional Photography) State Awards  |  AIPP Silver Lining Photograph Awards  |  NZIPP (New Zealand Institute of Professional Photography) IRIS Awards  |  NZIPP Asia Pacific Photograph Awards  |  RISE International Photography Awards  |  International Portrait Photographer of the Year Awards  |  COSMOS International Photography Awards



Forough will be judging within the following category

Digital Art Category
Portrait Category 



Perth, Western Australia


TONY HEWITT'S photographic journey has seen him explore the genres of Fine Art, Aerial, Landscape, Nature, Portrait, Wedding, and Commercial photography. With a passion for people, places and pictures, and an instinctive sense of the moment, he brings a unique combination of creative skills, award winning photographic vision and simple creativity. 

Tony has been recognized as a ‘Fellow’, an Honorary Fellow, and ‘Grand Master of Photography’ by the Australian Institute of Professional Photography (AIPP). He is also, a Fellow of the New Zealand Institute of Professional Photography and a ‘Grand Master of Photography’ of WPPI (USA). He is a well-respected and sought-after creative mentor and coach, leads a variety of international photography tours, and offers a diverse range of opportunities for learning and inspiration. 

Tony’s career highlights feature over 400 state, national and international photography awards. Tony has been recognized as the AIPP Australian Professional Photographer of the Year, and in the same year received the New Zealand Overseas Photographer of the Year, the Australian Landscape Photographer of the Year and the Western Australian Landscape Photographer of the Year. As recently as September 2022 Tony won the landscape category at the Australian Photographic Prize. In August 2021, Tony received the ‘Bill Hurter’ Award at WPPI in Las Vegas, USA, and in January 2020, Tony won the Nature, Landscape, Wildlife and overall Photographer of the Year at the SWPP 20x16 Print Awards in London UK. 

As an internationally recognized Fine-Art Photographer, Tony has exhibited both within Australia and Overseas since 1995 regularly sharing successful expressions of his vision through regular solo exhibitions including 'Lux et Aqua', 'Evapor8', 'Transience', and ‘Continuum’ at Lynton & Kay Galleries in Australia. 2022 also saw the release of his latest retrospective collection, … ‘Occuli’. More of his work features in the incredible collaborative100 piece ‘Girt by Sea’ collection, captured during a 31day circumnavigation of the Australian coastline. 

Tony has been invited to judge and chair judging at local, national and international levels for the past 25 years, and also served as 'Chairperson' of the Australian Institute of Photography Awards Committee 2016-2020, as well as Chair of Jurors at WPPI in the USA 2019-2020. 

As a highly respected professional speaker, Tony has been presenting in a variety of forms for over 25 years. He presents on subjects as diverse as Photography, Fine-Art, Creativity, Vision, and Personal Awareness, often utilizing his amazing images to illustrate various aspects of his message. 

Tony loves great music, red wine, a game of table tennis, and can still ride a skateboard.

Tony still enters competitions internationally and has been honored with many accolades. He also speaks at and presents around the globe. 


Website - Tony Hewitt Fine Art Photography

Tony will be judging within the following categories

Fine Art



Mission, Texas, Unites States


HECTOR D. ASTORGA is a full-time wildlife photographer based in South Texas. 

His love of nature and the outdoors began as a child in his native country, Honduras. He is the ranch manager at the Santa Clara Ranch, a photography ranch that hosts wildlife photographers from all over the globe.. He leads and conducts photography tours & workshops at multiple locations in North, Central, and South America, Scandinavia, and Africa.

He is a six-time Grand Prize winner of the Wildlife in Focus and Valley Land Fund Photography competitions. From 2008 thru 2017 he won 1st Grand Prize four times, 2nd Grand Prize once and also has a 3rd Grand Prize finish.  He won top honors in the 2009 National Wildlife Federation Photography Contest and in the 2012 Rocky Mountain Outdoor Writers and Photographers Photography competition. In 2016, one of his images was selected as a “Best of Show” by the North American Nature Photography Association (NANPA) in their Annual Showcase competition.  His images have been in the Top 3 awards in the NANPA Showcase for the last four years in a row.  In 2019 his image of a Three-toed Sloth w/ baby won the prestigious Nature’s Best Windland Smith Rice International Awards Wildlife Category.  With over 25,000 entries from photographers in 63 different countries the Nature’s Best competition is one of the premier nature photography competitions in the world. 

His work is featured in Nature’s Best Magazine, Audubon Magazine, National Wildlife Federation Magazine, Texas Parks and Wildlife Magazine, National Geographic Guide Books, Ranger Rick Magazine, The Chicago Tribune, Quail Unlimited, and other national and regional publications.

To view Hector's work, visit 

Hector Astorga Photography

Hector judges in the following categories:  

Nature Category 



Birmingham, UK.

GURVIR JOHAL is an international wedding photographer based in Birmingham, UK.

He has won numerous awards along with earning his titles of Double Master photographer with WPPI and  Fellowship Photographer with SWPP & BIPP.
He is also an ambassador for Fundy Designer, Canson Infinity, GraphiStudio,  Light & Motion and a Nikon “Z Creator”.

Gurvir has travelled the  world photographing Indian Weddings, teaching many sold out workshops along the  way, being an educator at numerous conferences as well as judging prestigious  photography  competitions internationally.

He refers to his style of  photography as fairy-tale timeless classics with an injection of fashion. His passion and love for photography allows him to use his heart and imagination to  produce timeless images for generations.



Website Gurvir Johal Photography 
Gurvir will be judging in the following categories

Wedding Category 



Norwich, UK

ANGELA ADAMS is a Business, Brand and Editorial Photographer, Freelance Features Writer, Educator and Speaker.  Based in Norfolk, England, Angela transitioned from working in the banking sector in London, to working in education; almost twenty years ago she took a leap of faith, listened to the call of her creative side and launched her photography and copywriting business in Essex.

These days her commercial clients range from small business owners to large corporations, Authors to television personalities, and production companies to national publications.   Angela works to serve businesses with a focus on brand portfolios for entrepreneurs, editorial for magazines and headshot photography for the corporate sector; she has also worked as a behind-the-scenes photographer for film and television.   

A background in Teaching Photography, plus English and American Literature, in which she holds a Bachelor’s Degree; Angela is happiest when photographing people and writing copy to portray her client’s story through both words and pictures.  She holds a Diploma in Professional Interior Design, assists in designing client sets and experiences. Angela currently writes a column in The Societies Professional Imagemaker Magazine and regularly contributes to local and national publications writing non-fiction features and providing associated photographs.

Grand Master Photographer of The Societies is an accolade of which Angela is particularly proud as it is awarded for giving back to the industry.  Angela also Mentors Photographers and is a qualified Judge at The Societies where she has co-delivered The Societies Judging School.   Chair of Qualifications at The Societies Convention 2022, Angela holds two Fellowships and a number of industry awards.

Website - Angela Adams

Angela Adam will be judging within the following category

Commercial Category



MPI Master in Fine Art Photography (MPF) 
Eldersburg, Maryland, USA


TONY SWEET After successful careers as a jazz musician/ educator, and professional magician, Tony settled on photography as his chosen means for personal expression. Beginning as a film photographer, Tony has become facile in image editing software and plugins and is an in-demand speaker throughout the United States and Canada on creativity in the digital age.

Tony and Susan Milestone conduct Visual Artistry photography location workshops in the United States, Canada, and Iceland. Tony maintains an active speaking schedule to photography organizations and industry trade shows across the continental United States and Canada. He also conducts an annual Visual Artistry Creativity Seminar series.

Tony’s photography is published worldwide in every medium and is represented by Getty Images. His iPhone photography is represented by Aurora Photos. Tony’s images are also used by Nikon, MacPhun, Singh Ray, Alien Skin, Topaz, Lensbaby and others for national ad campaigns.

An interview with Tony on macro photography was published in The New York Times.

Tony has authored five books on the art of photography: Fine Art Nature Photography (’02), Fine Art Flower Photography (’05) Fine Art Nature Photography: Water, Ice, Fog (’07), Fine Art Digital Photography (’09) and HDR Photography (2011). He and Master Photo Workshops have co-produced four photography DVDs: Visual Artistry, HDR Made Easy, Visual Literacy and Flower Photography Artistry, as well as an iPhone instructional video series.

To view some of Tony's Work and workshops visit 

Website - Tony Sweet Photography
Tony judges within the following categories,
Fine Art



Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

EIZO - Ambassador
Wacom - Ambassador
Hoverlay - Ambassador
Tether Tools Ambassador
Nikon Australia Ambassador
Epson Australia Ambassador
Adobe Ambassador

KAREN ALSOP is an award-winning photographic artist. Expanding on two decades of photographic and graphic design experience, Karen brings photography and art together to create stunning artworks that tell a story and take the viewer into another world. Karen uses the power of Photoshop to composite multiple captures together, making the impossible possible within her art. Imaginative, conceptual art born of Photography and manipulated into a mesmerizing surreal story-telling image.

Website - Story Art
Karen will be judging in the following categories

Digital Art



MPI Master in Commercial Photography (MPC) 
United States 

MARK BRYANT and his spouse Sandra Bryant, operate a studio in Missoula, Montana. Their work has graced the pages of such national magazines as “Town and Country”, ”Fly Fisherman”, “Good Housekeeping”, “Wall Street Journal”, “Log Home Living”, etc. 

A recipient of “Kodak Gallery awards”, “Fuji Masterpiece awards Mark has numerous International Loan Collection prints and in 2012, the third photographer ever to achieve 8 out of 8 in the PPA IPC Loan Collection, the prestigious Double Diamond. Multiple Photographer of the Year awards in the Rocky Mountain region and state of Montana. Mark Graduated from Ohio Institute of Photography in Dayton, Ohio.  A unique style and passion has given them opportunity to travel the U.S.   photographing assignments, commercial and architectural. Capturing the inner and outer beauty of people and awakening the heart and mind of the viewer, has renewed their passion and commitment to the art of portrait photography, their first love. 

Mark Bryant judges for the IIC and for other professional bodies on a National and International level.       


Mark Bryant judges within the following categories 


Digital Illustration

Fine Art



MPI Master in Portrait Photography (MPP)
Franklin, Tennessee, United States


William Branson III is an international portrait artist whose portraiture is quite unique and pieces of art.  He has developed a technique for painting that fascinates many. Clients travel from as far away as Holland, Germany, South Africa, Japan and South America as well as from all over the United States to sit for their portrait. His portraiture has been described as being "some of the most engaging and enthralling portraiture ever seen."

William Branson III has been recognized as one of the outstanding Artist of the 20th century by the International Biographical Center in Cambridge, England.

In addition to receiving some of the highest awards given by professional organizations internationally, he has been recognized by Eastman Kodak Company and Fuji Photo Film, U.S.A. Inc..  William Branson recently published coffee-table book, The Portraiture of William Branson III, resides in many homes around the world.

William Branson III
William judges in the following categories




Iran / Australia

enthusiasm in photography began at a very young age, he has mastered the craft of capture, retouching and dark room techniques since youth as he spent a lot of time after school and  during  vacations learning and then experimenting at his father’s studio and lab in East Africa (Ethiopia). Yervant then pursued studies in Venice Italy before making Australia home in Melbourne and then embarked on a career in professional photography. 

Yervant was honored with a Fellowship of AIPP for his unparalleled achievements which have created milestones for the industry at large. He was one of the youngest members honored with the prestigious Fellowship title. He is also Honorary Fellow of Master Photographers’ Association of UK and one of 12 CANON Masters within Australia. Yervant is known for his signature style of capture, he has in fact coined “Fashion meets Wedding” as the best description of his modern approach to the traditional world of wedding photography. This quote by Yervant is now one of the most important in the industry and often referred to by peers around the world.

Yervant is the first professional wedding photographer who adopted and adapted Digital Technology from an early date, he is often referred to as a pioneer in the field. He is the creator of the first digital layout ‘magazine’ style wedding album presentation which led him to create his own software Page Gallery™ which is one of the most sought after tools by photographers around the world. Yervant keeps on re inventing his style and creating new echelons which is followed by his peers worldwide. He is a sought-after mentor, tutor and presenter and travels internationally to meet and inspire his peers and encourage the new comer to the wonderful world of professional photography. A fun loving, humorous, down to earth, and ever so humble artist whose footsteps have already left deep indentations in the history of professional photography. If you are serious about photography, you must make sure to meet Yervant in your career path and be inspired from one of the most iconic Master of Photography. 

To view Yervant's work, visit 
Yervant International Photography
Yervant judges in the following categories
Wedding Category



Founder of the The Association of Intentional Architectural Photographers (AIAP) 
United States 


ALAN BLAKELY specializes in jaw-dropping architecture photography, stylish and sophisticated interior photography, and captivating and insightful aerial photography.  

Alan's work appears in most major architecture and interior design publications (Architect Magazine, Archdaily, Architectural Record, Architectural Review, Architectural Digest, Veranda, Dwell, Robb Report, Love Happens, Metal Architecture, Utah Style & Design, Western Home Journal, etc.).

Alan is recognized as one of the top architectural photographers at work today, with a career that spans three decades. He is the founder of The Association of Independent Architectural Photographers™, Real Estate Photographers of America & International™ and Aerial Drone Photographers of America™.

Alan's clients include many of America's major architecture and design firms. He's also a favorite of the hospitality, healthcare, building, construction and hotel & resort industries. Alan also offers traditional large format film photography and archival black & white printing for commissioned fine art and historical projects.

Alan is also the creator and host of A Photographer's Life™. A YouTube and Podcast Channel featuring panel discussions and individual interviews with America's premier architectural photographers.  Read a recent interview with Alan by Melisa Kaya of Bontena Brand Network. Discover for yourself why Alan Blakely is one of America's most sought after professional architectural photographers.

View Alan's Work on
Alan Blakely Architectural Photography

Alan will be judging within the
Commercial Category



Albuquerque, New Mexico


KEVIN DOOLEY Kevin is also recognized worldwide for his wildlife photography and was selected to represent the USA Team in 2017 and in 2019 in the Photographic World Cup.

His passion for capturing intense moments in animal behavior has earned him many awards including the Top 8 International Photographers of Africa Geographic, Wildlife “On The Move” and finalist for Nature’s Best and Nature’s Best Africa. He has recently accepted invitations to teach workshops in the Professional Photographers of America, Hunts Photo and Video, and B&H Photo and Video and was inducted into the PPA Masters of Photography, Jan. 2020. Kevin is the author of the book Wild Faces in Wild places, has published many wildlife calendars and Art Prints. Many of Kevin’s Images have been published in some of the most coveted wildlife publications, National Geographic’s Your Shot, and News publications worldwide. Kevin was selected for the 2020’s top weekly photojournalistic award.

Kevin is also a humanitarian with his own YouTube channel that promotes positive thinking and helping others. He has a YouTube channel on teaching photography.

View Kevin’s work on
Idube Photo Safaris
Skylum Interview
National Geographic
Kevin will be judging in the following category



Kelly Schneider -  United States
2020 MPI IIC Mentorship Award Recipient
Kalina Schneider - Poland / United States

KELLY SCHNIDER was born and raised in Coronado, California, and eventually moved to Oregon, where he lived until he joined the US Navy in 1980. During his 29-year Navy career, Kelly traveled to 137 countries.  While doing so, he developed a passion for “capturing” the world around him through photography.  

In 2010, Kelly expanded into professional photography, photographing weddings and growing and refining his skills in creating “salient” portraits. 

While starting his family photography business, Kelly was also busy working for Department of Defense as manpower and training lead for various programs, including the Nuclear Carrier CVN78 FORD Class.  Over time, he became passionate about teaching others and earned a Master’s Training Specialist as well as a master’s degree in Human System Integration from the Navy Post Graduate School in Monterey, California.  

He strongly believes in constant learning and attends two to three workshops/events each year.  he is currently writing his first book on photography, “The Salient Portrait—The Science Behind It and How to Achieve It.” The information he shares in the book is the core of all the workshops and training events he offers.

Kelly was named Portrait Photographer of the Year in 2017 by Maryland Professional Photographers Association and again in 2018 in the state of Maryland.  

He is also a recipient of the 2018 FujiFilm Masterpiece Award and FujiFim Wedding Photographer of the Year.

First Place with WPPI First Half 2019 - Boudoir Category.


KALINA SCHNIDER was born and raised in Poland.  Even at a young age, she was interested in visual arts, drawing, and painting, and she eventually earned a master’s degree in Art History and Cultural Studies from Silesian University.  She had several successful exhibitions in Katowice, her hometown.

After finishing college, Kalina took a sabbatical and worked as a travel agent in Turkey.  In 2000, she moved to London to study English.  While there, she had a short love affair with fashion and started her own fashion line.

In 2006, Kalina moved to the Kingdom of Bahrain to work for their flagship airline.  While in the Middle East, she met and married her husband, Kelly Schneider.  Kalina’s passion for art combined with Kelly’s love of world travel ignited their mutual interest in photography.

After moving to the United States Kalina helped Kelly run a successful landscape photography studio, but the desire to sell prints at local studios soon faded as the world of portraiture brought a new life and vision to their work. Today, Kelly and Kalina specialize in fine art portraiture photography in South West Florida and they teach photography at workshops and on photo safaris in the United States and Europe.  


Kelly Schneider Fine Art Portraits
Kalina - Instagram
Kelly - Instagram

Kelly judges in the following categories

Kalina judges in the following categories
Digital Art



MPI Master in Commercial Photography (MPC)
Leamington Spa, Warwickshire UK

MARTIN GRAHAME-DUNN has over 35 years in the Photographic Industry, particularly in the fields of Advertising, Commercial and Fashion Photography and more latterly as a Portrait & Wedding Photographer. Martin educates, inspires and motivates photographers instilling the highest standards of professional practice across a wealth of disciplines.

As well as providing consultancy services to Photographic Business’s all over the world, Martin carries out the roles of Judge and Chairman for international photography competitions and Professional Bodies worldwide. He now concentrates on delivering education via intensive workshops and has a wide range of clients who join him on their journeys to realize their potential as creative artist photographers and business people.

To learn more about Martin please visit his sites at

Martin Graham-Dunn
Martin judges in the following categories





Britain / United States 
Stella Prolights Ambassador

ERUM RIZVI is a multiple award-winning, British born wedding photographer Erum Rizvi is well known for her clean, beautiful imagery with a distinctively modern touch. Providing an unparalleled bespoke experience for the clients she works with, Erum is a leader in the photography industry who has built her career to become one of Rangefinder’s 30 Rising Stars of 2014, and one of the most sought out photographers in the Washington DC area.

Website - Erum Rizvi Photography

Erim is a judge in training within the following category

Wedding Category



United Staes

Sony Ambassador
Guragear Ambassador
NISI Ambassador 

 is a landscape photographer based in Northern California. She is currently pursuing dual careers as a photographer and a physician. 

Her work has been internationally recognized on multiple platforms including National Geographic, Lonely Planet, Sony, Adobe and Flickr. 

Of all her pursuits in the field of photography teaching is her primary interest.  Sapna conducts international small group adventure photography workshops focused on creative expression and fine tuning individual artistic vision.  

As an educator she works with Adobe and is currently developing the Nature/Landscape learning module for Lightroom academy. On behalf of B&H she is a presenter at the Optic conferences. 

Sapna is called upon for speaking engagements where she enjoys sharing her approach for nature photography and technique.  As a writer she contributes to photography magazines and online resources. 

She specializes in corporate print sales to medical centers where she creates an ambiance for healing.  Select images are sold through art galleries in over 80 countries worldwide. A significant portion of the proceeds from the sale of the images is directed to charity. 

Her work has been awarded in numerous competitions including National Geographic, USA landscape photographer of the year, Lonely Planet, Popular photography, and Outdoor photographer. 

She is a brand ambassador for Sony, Guragear and NISI. 

Website - Sapna Reddy

Sapna will be judging within the following categories

Fine Art



Britain / Northern Italy
Ambassador for Graphistudio

SARAH EDMUNDS, British-born Sarah Edmunds specializes in wedding, portrait, and commercial beauty and fashion photography. 

She has been a self-employed business owner for 28 years, during which time she has lived and worked in six cities across three continents. Now based in northern Italy, Sarah is a Fellow of The Societies of Wedding and Portrait Photographers (SWPP), and Master of Wedding & Portrait Photographers International (WPPI). In her previous life “BP” (Before Photography), Sarah was a classically trained actress following three years of training at the Bristol Old Vic Theatre School in England, and worked as a professional actress for stage, tv and radio in London and Frankfurt. At the age of 37, shortly after having her second child and while running two businesses, she attained a Master’s Degree in Translation with distinction from the University of Bristol, and spent 15 years as a qualified member of the Chartered Institute of Linguists, specializing in law and science.

Sarah is now a fully qualified judge for the UK’s The Societies of Photographers as well as the US-based WPPI. Most recently, Sarah was one of six internationally renowned photographers chosen to judge International Portrait Photographer of the Year. She has won over 100 silver and gold awards from international competitions, including six 1st place trophies for print competition at WPPI and the Grand Award for the online Creative Division, and four 1st place trophies from The Societies of Wedding and Portrait Photographers. Between 2019 and 2020 Sarah was named Photographer of the Year four times, in Fashion, Avant-Garde, Advertising and Maternity categories. Her work has been featured online, on billboards, and in print publications around the world, including Professional Photo (front cover), Rangefinder, Shutter magazine, among others. 

Alongside her full-time photography and editing career, Sarah is a Brand Ambassador for Graphistudio and Global Educator for Godox lighting equipment. Her work is regularly exhibited by Hahnemuhle, for whom she has provided speaking engagements at international photography shows. Sarah also provides private mentoring and teaches photography and advanced retouching techniques online.


Sarah Edmunds 
Love Edits

Sarah will be judging within the following categories




Kuching, Malaysia
Profoto Ambassador - Malaysia

Canon EOS Ambassador - Malaysia

Graphi Studio Italy Ambassador

Magmod Ambassador

JOHNSON WEE is Asia’s most awarded wedding photographer. Coming from a photography family, with multiple accolades under his belt, he is also Double Master of WPPI and Fellow of the BIPP & MPA, UK.

Johnson is Canon and Profoto Ambassador for his home country, Malaysia. He travels to the most fascinating locations in the corners of the globe to capture beautiful pre wedding assignments for his clients.

A veteran educator, he is invited by various photography organizations such as WPPI, MPA, SWPP, PWS for workshops, speaking assignments and as a judge for their annual competitions.


WPPI First Asian Photographer with Perfect 100 score
WPPI Double Master
Fellow-FBIPP British Institute of Professional Photography (UK)
Fellow-FMPA Master Photographers Association (UK)

MPA Awards 2015 Overseas Photographer of the Year
MPA Awards 2015 Portrait Photographer of the Year
MPA Awards 2016 Portrait Photographer of the Year
MPA Far East Awards 2016 Master Photographer of the Year Grand Award
SWPP 2017 20x16 Print Competition Overall Winner Grand Award
SWPP 2017 20x16 Photographer of the Year 

Johnson has earned 
 over 426 times International Awards (Nov 2013-March 2019)


 Website - Johnson Wee

Johnson will be judging in the following category
Wedding Category



Vaxjo, Sweden 

Canon Ambassador

MARTINA WÄRENFELDT is a Portrait Photographer, specializing in creatively styled, artistic Fine Art portraits, heavily inspired by the old masters of oil painting.

As a child Martina dreamt of becoming an artist. But 
had no real talent for painting. Many years later, she realised photography was her way to create images. Deciding she wanted to work with photography, she started taking photography classes at the Santa Monica College in Los Angeles. 

Early on Martina realized her talent for photographing people and while still in school her side job was photographing portraits for people wanting to get into the entertainment industry. After almost 8 years living in California, she moved back home to her native Sweden. Youthfully brave
, she opened her first studio in her hometown at the age of 26. That was 25 years ago, and she has been a full time portrait photographer since then, developing her career and growing both as a photographer as well as a business woman. Her portrait business is today providing professional people with Headshots and Personal Branding sessions, as well as creating artistic and glamorous Fine Art portraits for everyday people. 

A defining moment for Martina’s career was when she found, and developed what has now become her signature style of painterly Fine Art portraits using skill full lighting and a harmonious colour palette.  

Martina is a Canon Nordic Professional. She is and educator to other photographers and a judge of photography competitions.

A multiple award winner and Master of WPPI, a Master of The Portrait Masters and a Fellow with the Societies of Photographers (SWPP) she continues to grow as an artist and educator. 

Martina is a Canon Nordic Professional. She educates other photographers, does mentoring and judge photography competitions.  A winner of over 100 awards across multiple international competitions,

Among these awards: Martina has been awarded SWPP´s Overall portrait winner in 2020 and in 2022. A winner of Swedish National championship in Photography 2019, 2021 and awarded “Portrait Photographer of the year “ in Sweden for three consecutive years 2018, 2019, and 2020. 


Website - Wärenfeldt Fine Art Portraiture

Martina will be judging in the following categories
Portrait Category



Nikon Ambassador
United States

DEBORAH SANDIDGE is a professional photographer, and Nikon Ambassador, specializing in world travel and artistic imagery. Her passion and skill with creative techniques such as long exposure, time-lapse, and blue hour photography has earned the respect and admiration of both corporate clients and peers.

As an author and instructor, Deborah, expands the horizons of those who enjoy her photographic artistry. She generously shares her creative perspective and inspirational ideas through workshops and seminars. Deborah is well respected for her ability to blend the creative and the technical aspects of photography, giving the viewer a unique and fresh dimension illustrated in each subject she photographs. She is a charismatic and frequently requested guest speaker. Through her photography, she encourages others to connect with the people, places, and things that surround us.

Deborah is the author of Digital Infrared Photography, published by Wiley. She has collaborated with the Nikon Learn and Explore site demonstrating star and star trail photography, along with long exposure photography. Nikon is currently using Deborah’s images for advertising, brochures, and product guides, and she is a contributing author for Shutterbug Magazine with her Creativity/On the Road series.


Travel Photography: My passion is being able to respond to various shooting environments to create unique and compelling images. I strive to capture a depth of feeling about a location through street photography, people photography, landscapes, cityscapes, and at the same time, inspire students and fellow photographers to do the same. Long Exposure and Night Photography: After the sun goes down, many photographers pack up their gear and leave. However, I feel landscapes, cityscapes, and nightscapes often look the most dramatic and beautiful during twilight and night. I like being able to control and balance light through using ND filters during the brightness of day. This creates an opportunity for unique imagery that conveys the passage of time and a soft blur with clouds and water. I enjoy sharing with photographers the tips and techniques for setting camera's for optimal depth of field, shutter speed, and white balance in order to capture the beauty of nightscapes. Creative Capture and Image Post Processing:  My goal is creating unique story-telling imagery through techniques in-camera, and through post processing, and assist students to recognize not only the technical aspects of creating a great picture, but the importance of the artistic component, the soul of a picture as well.

Seminars: Artistic Imagery, Long Exposure Creativity, and Creating Visual Narrative Through Time/Motion Techniques, and Global Adventurer Travel Photography.

Shutterbug Writer
Teaching Website
Nikon Ambassador

Deborah judges within the following categories
Fine Art




MPI Master in Portrait Photography (MPP)
Phillipines  / United States

ERICH CAPARAS is quick to admit being lucky to be on the forefront of the digital age. He beta tested Photoshop and consulted with them when they introduced layers in 1993-94. Being on the cutting edge  of  technology gave him an opportunity to work with some of the best clients in the industry. Notable ones: National Geographic, Mobil, Smithsonian Institution, Discovery Channel, Victoria Secret,  Ringling Brothers / Barnum and Bailey, Siegfried and Roy, and the White House. Erich has kept his techniques and skills up to date and shares his 40+ years of experience in photography on workshops. He says: “I travel around the world teaching both amateur and professional photographers take their photography to the next level.” 

During his career, Erich has achieved what many photographers dream of achieving. In 2016 Erich swept away may awards globally making him one of the highest winning Professional Photographers Internationally. His success continued and is known as on of the highest grossing trophy photographers globally.

Erich has been a professional photographer since 1977 and has used Photoshop since 1990 before being sold to Adobe. In 1993, Adobe introduced layers in Photoshop and he was involved in doing testing and samples for them.

Erich’s work appears in many digital and photographic magazines since the 90's. he has won numerous awards in conjunction with major digital expos. Major companies including National Geographic, Discovery Channel, and Smithsonian Institution showcased his work. Erich’s editorials appeared in almost 100 fashion magazines.

Erich now teaches around the globe with his workshops and has mentored countless photographers around the globe.


Erich judges in the following categories
Portrait Category



Florida USA
Lensbaby Ambassador


Jackie has been photographing the natural world, with an emphasis on flowers since high school. She captures and educates photographer on flowers in wildflower fields, botanical gardens, private gardens, and indoors. She is known for her rich colors and for infusing personality in her floral images. Jackie has received international acclaim for her images and has been published in several noteworthy magazines. 

Though her career as an engineer and family took her to Alaska, she remained an avid floral photographer.  Jackie is recognized as a Master Photographer by the Professional Photographers of America.

She is also a KelbyOne instructor and Lensbaby Ambassador. 
Jackie runs classes online and conducts in person workshops. Her overarching goal is to use the medium of photography to enrich others and build relationships through her Facebook group, Phlorography – Artistic Floral Photography.

Website - Jackie Kramer Fine Art

Jackie will be judging within the following categories
Nature - Botanical
Fine Art - Florals




Idaho Falls, Idaho, United States

DENNIS HAMMON has over 45 years of experience and over 25 years as a photographic juror and workshop instructor, Dennis Hammon, is still excited about getting up every day to work.  With a following of family, senior, commercial and boudoir clients he still services his clients of over 4 decades.  In recent years, Dennis has developed a following for his Fine art/scenic photography.

Dennis is a PPA Master Photographer, Photographic Craftsman, PPA Certified. He has been twice named Photographer of the year by Intermountain Professional Photographers and Master of the year in Idaho eight times, and continually in the top 10.  Dennis also has been awarded over a dozen Kodak Gallery awards and numerous Fuji Masterpiece awards. The more than 100 + images accepted by the PPA and numerous Loan images attest to his love of print competition and is also a PPA Affiliated print juror.

Dennis has also earned the PPA Excellence in Imaging Award and 2 bars for loan images. Most recently Dennis was award Fellow of Photography from the American Society of Photographers.  He is one of only 123 photographers in the world with this honor.

He has also been recognized by his peers by receiving the National Award for his service to professional photography by several states.

Dennis has been a juror since the start of the International Imaging Competition, he has judged for the PPA Association for many years and as well judges for the Mexico Association.  

Dennis Hammon Photography

Dennis judges in the following categories

Digital Illustration

Fine Art



MPI Masters in Portrait Photography (MPP)
Louise Simone - Canada
Joseph Simone - Italy / Canada

JOSEPH & LOUISE SIMONE (MPP) are both Masters in Portrait Photography with MPI. They have been professional photographers and artists for over 40 years accomplishing a career of great distinction in the photography community. 

In 1975 they purchased their studio and since then have grown their skills and career to become a great force and a world renowned duo. Both Joseph and Louse have constantly been recognized for their talents in the photography industry with many international prestige awards and including wining Photographer of the Year for Canada 7 times since 1979. Included in these achievements they have been honored with over 50 awards in Canada alone.

Currently with their worldwide reputation they have been invited to speak and teach in many global events taken place in France, Italy, Spain, Belgium, Germany, Greece and China, Austria, Philippines, Martinique Canada and the United States. Besides speaking at global photography events, Joseph and Louise mentor via numerous personal weeklong workshops which they host in various locations around the world. Joseph and Louise also act as Kodak Alaris Mentors.  

To view Joseph and Louise's work, visit 

Simone Portrait
Joseph and Louise will be judging in the following categories.
Digital Art
Fine Art



United Kingdom

Satnam is an Award Winning International South Asian Wedding Photographer who has photographed some stunning weddings all across the world. Some of the destinations include India, Colombia, America, Canada, Spain and Italy.

Satnam is also the UK's youngest photography judge. 

 He has established himself in the wedding photography industry by being one of the youngest South Asian wedding photography judges to judge in international photography competitions and winning several places images in some of the biggest competitions in the world.

Satnam’s passion for creating classical portraiture and to capture those once in a lifetime moments with his photojournalistic style has helped him become one of the leading names in his industry.


Satnam Dosajh

Satam will be judging within the following categories




MPI Master in Nature Photography (MPN)
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada


MIKE GRANDMAISON is an acclaimed Canadian photographer and widely recognized as one of Canada’s fine nature photographers.  He is passionate about creating exquisite images that reflect the beauty of his beloved country Canada.  His award-winning images have been featured in some of the world’s finest publications, as well as in a wide array of books, cards, calendars and postage stamps. 

Passionate about photography and the natural world, Mike is known for creating unique images that reflect the natural beauty and diversity of Canada. Growing up on the vast Canadian Shield, a professional background in biology, a decades-long career in biological sciences, and a lifelong curiosity in physical geography have all contributed to the impressive, evocative body of work he has become known for. With camera in hand, Mike has explored literally the breadth of his beloved country Canada for 45 years.

Mike's images are represented in a fine collection of coffee table books, 21 to date, and include his latest  'Lake of The Woods - Gem of The Canadian Shield', 'Canada', 'Natural Reflections' (with co-author Robert L. Peters), "The Polar Bear - Lord of the Great North', 'Mike Grandmaison's Ontario', 'Beautiful Alberta', 'Mike Grandmaison's Prairie and Beyond', 'The Canadian Rockies', 'Georgian Bay' and 'Muskoka'. Mike was a regular contributor to 'Outdoor Photography Canada' Magazine for its entirety from 2009 to 2019 for which he wrote and illustrated a feature called 'Discovering Canada'. Mike has lead nature-focused workshops and presented seminars on many different topics to various organizations and focus groups across Canada. Mike has also produced and published two sets of notecards called 'The Manitoba Notecard Series' and 'The Saskatchewan Notecard Series'. 

Mike manages a full service independent stock photography agency in Canada. It houses one of the finest curated collection of thousands of premium quality photos. His extensive collection features images of the natural world, architecture, agriculture, travel and Canadiana. Mike's extensive photo collection is available for use in advertising, annual reports, billboards, books, brochures, calendars, cards, displays, magazines, posters, web sites, as well as fine art prints 

Mike's on-location assignment photography spans Canada's geography. He photographs for a broad range of corporate and editorial clients in fields ranging from agriculture to architecture and from forest to factory. His academic knowledge and working experience in the natural sciences, coupled with his passion for photography, technical skills and an artist's eye, make him a sought after photographer for outdoor work. An uncompromising quality of craftsmanship, together with a signature style, distinguish Mike in this highly competitive field.

Mike's stunning nature photographs are in demand by collectors - as fine art pieces, for corporate decor, and for use as corporate gifts. His fine art photographs are crafted to the specific requirements of individual collectors, and can be matted, framed, and shipped to anywhere in the world. You may view a selection of his fine art photographs at The Canadian Gallery 

Grandmaison Photography

Mike Grandmaison judges in the following categories

Fine Art



MPI Masters in Portrait Photography (MPP)
2021 MPI IIC Mentorship Award Recipient
Edinburgh, Scotland, UK

TREVOR E R YERBURY MPP, is a 4th generation photographer currently based in Edinburgh – Scotland. 

He has received many accolades during his career including Fellowships of 5 major photographic bodies, RPS, MPI, MPA, SWPP, and RPS and in 2014 received a Lifetime Achievement Award from the industry and was also invited to become a Fellow of the Royal Photographic Society, a rare honor. Trevor was also the recipient of the prestigious MPI Mentorship Award in 2021.

A portrait photographer he specializes in Fine Art Nudes and has had, along with his wife and business partner Faye, had exhibitions of work in Edinburgh, London, Paris, Vancouver, Madrid, Valetta and Copenhagen as well as having work featured in many magazines and books. 

In 2003, the Yerbury’s talent was commissioned to supply the entire artwork for the new 5* Glasshouse Hotel which comprised over 260 art nude images from their archive. 

Trevor Yerbury is a 4th generation photographer the business founded by his great grandfather in Edinburgh in 1864. Trevor was born in 1951 and joined the family business straight from boarding school in 1969. He underwent a 4-year apprenticeship where he experienced working in a daylight studio, using tungsten lighting before studio flash began to take over. In 1978 Trevor met Faye who was styling a shoot he was on, and they eventually got together in 1979 have been inseparable ever since as husband and wife.  With such a history in photography it is not surprising that Trevor has a keen interest in experimented with back in the mid 80’s. 

Trevor is passionate that his work is simple and elegant with a classic, sophisticated look. Trevor uses a variety of cameras both film and digital, 10x8, medium format Hasselblad 500c, and more recently Fuji XPro2 for which he was a tester. 

FAYE YERBURY MPP - Having been a lecturer in Hairstyling and Make-up for a few years when they met in 1978, this turned out to be an advantage for her change into the photographic business. Under Trevor’s wing Faye became established and well respected in the profession as both a photographer and stylist. During the years that followed were many, many awards for portraiture, wedding, and avant-garde work, not forgetting her classical nudes. 

Gaining recognition for her photography and hard work has earned her countless accolades. She has earned a Master status with the MPI in Portrait, and a Master with SWPP and the Guild. She holds a fellowship status with RPS. MPA. SWPP, and RPS. Faye has received a Lifetime Achievement Award from the industry and was also invited to become a Fellow of the Royal Photographic Society, a rare honor. Faye is well known as an international speaker and judge in the following cities and countries; Vancouver, London, Tallin, Copenhagen, Edinburgh, Valletta, Paris, Cologne, Ghent, Dublin, Belfastm, Lanzarote, Fuerteventura, Tunisia and Singapor. 

Exhibitions of Fine Art Nudes and Portraits

Edinburgh- London- Paris- Venice- Vancouver- Valletta- Rotterdam. Faye prints her nude art images using the Platinum/Palladium process and is represented by the Unlimited Grain Gallery in Rotterdam.

Faye is also a regular contributor to a number of magazines. 

Yerbury Studios
Faye and Trevor judge within 
Fine Art



MPI Master in Commercial Photography (MPC)
Strathmore, Victoria, Australia

MERCURY MEGALOUDIS - Master Photographer Mercury Megaloudis creates works of art, not just photographs.

After 20 years in the profession, he is recognized as one of Australia’s most passionate photographers and is renowned for his zest for life and a highly enthusiastic approach for everything he does. Working through his studio Megagraphics Photography, his photographs speak from the heart and are filled with emotion, joy and impact.

His designer images and original ideas have gained him respect not only with his peers, but with appreciative and often emotional clients.

Mercury believes that if the work is not good enough, it will not sell, so his business philosophy is to always be enthusiastic, creative, inspiring and passionate. “Then the rewards will roll in”, he explained.

Mercury judges, lectures and presents at conferences both nationally and internationally. He is always looking to break new ground, especially in the areas of people photography and anyone who has ever met and spoken to him will agree that his energy and enthusiasm for photography is truly contagious.

His portraits are uniquely different and combine a blend of contemporary style, personality, and detail. Always curious about a person’s self-image, no matter how shy they are, Mercury aims to find the beauty that’s inside everyone. It is an art in itself to take a strong picture, but Mercury has an amazing talent to capture a sitter’s personality as well. “Everyone has beauty in their own unique way and my job is to capture it.”

Mercury Megaloudis has a passion for finding the beauty in this world and enjoys every minute he spends behind the camera.


Mercury judges in the following categories
Commercial Category



MPI Master in Portrait Photography (MPP)
Sanford, Florida, United States

TIM KELLY has been creating fine-art portraiture for more than forty years. In the mid-eighties he was recognized as a ”master print-maker", creating by hand, the highest scoring images ever judged. In the late 1980's he opened his first premier gallery & studio on Park Avenue in fashionable Winter Park, Florida. That was the launching site for what has become a booming fine art portrait business, famous for outstanding b&w hi-fidelity large format capture and all around enjoyable experience.

Since that time, Tim and his team have continued serving local clients and collectors worldwide with the finest photographic portrait products and services money can buy. Collectable black & white fiber prints, handmade signature color prints, and museum grade platinum prints to name a few. This is UNBELIEVABLY RARE in today’s "upload to a lab", digital photography world. Mr. Kelly has proven his mastery of portrait lighting, design, retouching and printing with portraits hanging in the finest homes, galleries and permanent museum collections.

The Kelly Portrait is for those who desire to own original artist-produced, hand crafted portraits made in the most respected tradition. It doesn’t always require a special occasion to make a portrait - a portrait becomes a special occasion.

Tim has accomplished numerous awards and accolades. He has earned his International Master Photographer in Portrait – MPP, his Craftsman Photographer, Imaging Excellence Degree and his Fellowship within numerous professional photography bodies.  He has been one of Eastman Kodak’s leading Mentors to the profession for twenty five years. He is an unrivaled three-time Gallery Elite winner, over two dozen Kodak Gallery Awards, Photokina Award and many more.

Tim Kelly Portraits

Tim judges in the following categories
Portrait Category



Latisana, Italy

COSIMO BARLETTA is a professional photographer, re-toucher and digital artist based in Italy, specializing in food and still life.

Cosimo was born on the lake of Como and moved from an early age to the island of Grado in the northern Adriatic Sea. This is where he discovered photography as a child and immediately bought his first camera. 

He studies electronics but his passion is to create images. At first a landscape photographer and naturalist, a lover of the sea and cooking, he traveled through various photographic fields, from theater to Fine Art photography to commercial and today he specializes in food, Fine Art and hi-end photo retouching.

Cosimo is well known for his colorful pop style with some kitsch hints that make his images impactful. He has also been published in the Better Photography Magazine. 

Winner of many national and international awards, together with Mayda Mason he directs the photographic studio Cucina delle Foto, developing both commercial and adv projects for national and international brands as well as editorial and personal projects drawing on everything that surrounds them.

In April 2019, he earned a first and third place in advertise category at the Pink Lady Food Photographer of the Year. This is considered to be the Oscar of food photography. 

His work has been published worldwide from Australia to India, from Italy to UK. 


Website - Studio Cucina Delle Foto

Cosimo will be judging 
Commercial - Food and Product

What is the Mentorship Award?

The Mentorship Award is a special award created for mentors and educators of our industry. This year we opened this award up to be more than form images created at workshop. If you are an educator or have mentored for more than 8 years, you are eligible to enter for this awards. 

Please take some time to read the rules and details of this entry. Our mentorships judges are not from our regular panel allowing furthermore the MPI IIC judges to enter. 

Mentorship Award Recipients  
2020 - Kelly Schneider – USA

Rules for the MPI IIC Mentorship Award 


Tony Corbell - United States

Tony Corbell - United States

Tony's Website

To say that Tony Corbell has had an interesting career would an understatement. In his more the 40 years in photography, he has photographed some of the world's most recognized faces including three US presidents, 185 world leaders at the United Nations, fashion models, celebrities, NASA astronauts and more.  Coming from his beginnings in a small west Texas town, he has photographed and taught photographic skills/workshops in more than 20 countries as well as in all fifty US states. Tony was recently named the Oklahoma Photographer of the Year for 2020 for his creative commercial work.

Tony is as known for his educational efforts as his published photographic works. He has conducted more than 700 workshops and seminars to sold out audiences for more than twenty-five years in London, Scotland, Ireland, Toronto, Vancouver, Mexico, Australia, Italy, New Zealand, Dubai, Trinidad/Tobago, Germany, Sweden, and Nova Scotia on the technical aspects of lighting and lighting control. His books on the topics of light have sold internationally since 2000 and his video tutorials have managed to surpass more than three million views. He is currently featured on www.ppa.com/edu as well as www.kelbyone.com and his classes are very popular on www.creativelive.com alongside the world’s leading photographers, instructors, and authors. He is also a featured artist at www.epson.com in a segment called In Celebration of the Black and White Print. Tony has published 4 books with three more in the works and has written articles in literally every major photographic magazine in the U.S., Japan, U.K., and China.

 Today Tony lives and works in Muskogee, Oklahoma alongside his wife and Master Photographer Mandy Lynn. When asked what he is most known for, he usually says “being just about the biggest Beatles fan in the world.” 

Bambi Cantrell - United States

Bambi Cantrell - United States

Bambi's Website

World renowned wedding and portrait photographer, Bambi Cantrell, is one of the most decorated and celebrated professional photographers of our time. After 25 years of photographing some of the most exquisite and breathtaking wedding and portrait images from around the world, three best selling books entitled The Art of Wedding Photography, The Art of Digital Wedding Photography, and The Art of People Photography, and countless awards and accolades, Bambi Cantrell is virtually a household name.

Bambi is highly regarded in the photographic industry as the foremost expert on lighting and posing and spends a great deal of her time educating photographers from around the world on her unique style and techniques that have brought her fame and success. She is a member of both WPPI (Wedding and Portrait Photographers International) and PPA (Professional Photographers of America).

She has been honored with a number of awards including Double Master of Photography WPPI 2014, recipient of the Golden Eye award from the Russian Federation of Professional Photographers, named as “The most influential photographer of the decade" in 2011 by Photo Focus online magazine and named one of the “10 Best Wedding Photographers in the World” by American Photo magazine in 2007. Bambi was the first woman inducted into Microsoft’s elite “Icon of Imaging” program. She has also received a Lifetime Achievement award by WPPI and the IPC Leadership award.

Bambi is a guest speaker at dozens of workshops and conventions around the world every year including the annual WPPI Convention and Trade Show for the last 10 years, as well as such conventions as the Russian Federation of Professional Photographers, Professional Photographers of Australia, and PhotoPlus Expo in NYC. She has also been a print and album judge at the annual WPPI Print Competition, chairing the Album competition and Wedding print competition numerous years. Bambi is a guest lecturer at several photography schools around the country including the Center for Digital Imaging at Boston University, the Julia Dean School in Venice, CA, the Microsoft Summit and the Santa Fe Workshops. She has been a guest speaker for Creative Live the last three years. Bambi also hosts several her own workshops every year, typically offering at least 1 workshop per quarter to a limited number of attendees.

Bambi’s work has been featured in dozens of magazines including Martha Stewart Weddings, Rangefinder, Photo District News and Ebony as well as hundreds of blogs.

Although Bambi spends a great deal of time on portrait photography, she also photographs 15 to 20 weddings per year for some of the world’s most extravagant couples. Based in the San Francisco Bay area, but available for work anywhere in the world—Bambi considers the key to her success a direct result of her love of people. “I just love people and believe truly great photographs are a reflection of who the client is, not who I want them to be.”


Kevin Wilson - United Kingdom

Kevin's Website

Kevin Wilson is a seasoned wedding and portrait photographer living in west Dorset, England.  

Kevin has the rare distinction of holding 7 fellowships, this is an achievement unprecedented with the British Institute of Photography, including an honorary.  

Kevin also has 2 fellowships with the Royal Photographic Society, currently he is deputy chairman of the applied panel of distinctions.  Additionally, Kevin holds his Masters in PPOA. 

He also has been awarded the Fox Talbot award for outstanding contribution to photography.

Kevin has been extremely successful in identifying and mentoring photographers and guiding them to fellowship with different associations. 

Kevin is passionate about photography and takes immense pleasure in seeing others succeed.


Earn a Master Degree or Grand Master ® Degree

or enter just for fun, inspiration and the awards.