Image by Mark Melnick, USA | Image Name - Prayers For My People In Haiti |Image Award - GOLD


The MPI International Imaging Competition (IIC) is an educational and inspirational competition.  The MPI IIC is open to all professionals, novices, and hobbyists. MPI believes that pushing ourselves through competition helps us excel in the art of photography All entrants automatically become members with the Master Photographers International Organization. With MPI, there are no annual fees.

As a registered entrant with MPI and the MPI IIC, you are eligible for all the benefits of the MPI master’s degree Program (IPDP) and the MPI International Imaging Competition (IIC)

Members must be in good standing with the MPI Organization.

Please include the following emails to your contact list. This will ensure you receive all updates, reminders, and changes to the IIC that may occur.

Contact @ and hello @




If you are the highest scoring of the 6 Category POY, earn the TOP title and bring home the prestigious ATHENA GLOBE CRYSTAL TROPHY.

Be one of the 6 International Photographers of the Year in a Category.

Be a first-place winner in over 65 classes and earn a first-place crystal trophy. 

Earn points towards the MPI International Photographic Degree Program (MPI IPDP) with your silver or higher sealed images and work towards a Master and Grand Master degrees.

The MPI Program awards more than just points, check out the program tab or enter only to compete and be inspired.

Receive international recondition with the MPI IIC Annual Winners Circle Video Presentation.

Receive the IIC sealed image certificates. available for purchase are the IIC Awards Portfolio Binders to display your success.

Receive quality feedback on your work from top mentors and educators in the industry. 

The IIC is judged privately by each judge/reviewer on-line ensuring feedback is strictly from each judge.

Compete with some of the TOP Photographers Internationally.



Bronze Award * 79% - 84.99%

(1) Silver Award * 85% - 89.99%

(1) Gold Award   * 90% - 94.99%

(1) Platinum Award * 95% - 100%


(1) If you are the overall winner – you will receive 2 extra points. Example, you win TOP Title from your entry in Commercial Category and your highest scoring entry in commercial category was a Platinum, we will apply 2 extra platinum points to your program points in that category. (1) for bringing the cup home for your country, and (2) Overall, POY in a Category will also receive one extra point, the same level as their highest scoring in that category.  


The MPI IIC is judged on the following criteria. 


The MPI International Imaging Competition is a photographic competition which goes hand in hand with the MPI International Photographic Degree Program (IPDP)

We hope you agree and understand, awarding degrees for non photographic images goes against our goals and mission. For this reason, Artificial Intelligence (AI Text to Image) Images, generative fill, and Computer-Generated Images (CGI) Images are strictly prohibited in this competition other then in D8 Class, per this class rules. 

 We reserve the right to request the raw file for images entered, if we feel rules were not followed. Jpegs, tiffs, png., files will not be accepted as evidence. 

To enter AI Art or CGI Art, please visit the New IV AWARDS


Category POY Awards
Mentorship Awards
International Photographer of the Year
IIC Cup TOP Winners. 

***** Please read the category rules and the class descriptions as you prepare your images. 

Some classes allow composites, textures, painterly effects, and stock images. Stock images may consist of anything photographic. Textures are allowed. 


1. Entrants must be in good standing within the MPI Organization.   

2. All original images must be captured and exposed by the entrant. For composites, when using stock photos, the main subject must be captured by the entrant and a larger portion of the entry, if extra images from a stock agency are being used, proper licenses must be obtained. 

3. AI regenerative fill and text to image is not allowed in this competition. 

4. AI Software for basic adjustments is allowed. Basic adjustment includes, sharpening, softening, color adjustment and so on... 

5. Entering or using work from another photographer or artist is strictly prohibited. If this is brought to the attention of the competition team, not only will the image be disqualified, but the member will also be terminated from the organization. 

6. Images that are captured and produced from reproducing an existing photograph, movie banner, video banner cover or artwork of another photographer or artist and created to look like the original photograph or artwork; will be disqualified from the competition. This will constitute plagiarism. 

7. Entries produced during a workshop or under the supervision of an instructor are NOT allowed. If we notice your subject and is entered by another entrant, you will immediately be contacted. 

8. Images entered previously in the IIC, cannot be re-entered unless the image has changed from its originally state creating a different overview of that image. 

9. TO BE ELIGIBLE FOR PHOTOGRAPHER OF THE YEAR (POY) AWARDS IN ANY OF THE 6 CATEGORIES: You must enter 4  or more images into that category.  We advise to enter into more than one class in that category to be eligible for more Class Awards.  Images must follow category and class rules. 

10. TO BE ELIGIBLE FOR THE CLASS AWARDS (FIRST PLACE), You must enter 4 or more images into the annual competition.  Only images scoring a silver of higher are eligible for a Class Award title.  

11. All entries are to be in digital jpeg format, RGB or sRGB color space. Image size 3000 pixels on the longest side, saved at no larger the 4MB.  Albums and books 4000 pixels on the longest side, saved no larger then 4MB. 

12. All work entered must have been captured and processed by the entrant, unless using stock images.  Stock images must not include AI and only should be a very small part of the image. Work processed by a third-party editor will be disqualified and winnings rescinded if this is brought to our attention. This is a teaching competition; we hope you understand. 

13. The entrant’s name must not be visible anywhere on the image or on the file name. If the photographers name or the photographers branding is included anywhere on the image, image will unfortunately be disqualified.

14. Entries that may violate copyright or trademark laws, will be disqualified, and award rescinded. It is the photographer’s responsibility to ensure proper approval from subjects prior to entering.

15. You understand that if we see an image is entered into the wrong class, images will be moved to the best class we feel the image will fair the best. With so many images entered, we do not have time to contact the entrant.  Please ensure your entry comments include information. Support is available on our FB Official Help Group or by contacting the office. 

16. By entering, you agree and understand that all entries into any MPI IIC, may be used for promoting the winners, the MPI, the MPI IIC, and the MPI IIC announcements. Copyright always remains with the photographer. You also agree and understand that IIC presentations may include your profile image or a social media profile image to represent you. 

17. Winners will only be eligible to a maximum of (1) Photographer of the Year in Category titles in the current year entering. Entrants highest scoring categories will be selected. 

18. SHIPPING - It is the entrant’s responsibility to have the correct and all information for their shipping address in their account. We will be sending an email once the awards are ready to ship. YOU UNDERSTAND ADDRESS CONFIRMATION IS REQUIRED PRIOR TO AWARDS BEING SHIPPED. IF AWARDS ARE RETURNED, IT IS THE RESPONSIBITY OF THE ENTRANT FOR ALL EXTRA COSTS INCURED. Please keep your shipping address current on your account to speed up the shipping process. You understand and agree that the MPI International Imaging Competition is not responsible for duties in the entrant’s country. It is the entrant’s responsibility for any fees charged by your country. 

19. You understand that any image canvas may be removed from an entry when creating the Winners Circle Video, the winner’s sealed certificates, or when used for promoting.

20. You understand and agree that if you are one of the TOP Winner, you will supply the MPI Organization a professional winners’ photos with your awards to be displayed for the year.  

21. MPI IIC Judges are not eligible for the CC Award tittles.  Judges are eligible for all other benefits including the Mentorship Award, Judges Choice Awards, and the Top 100. 

22. You must be 18 years or older to enter the IIC or legal guardian must contact the office.