Categories are the field in photography. The MPI IIC has 6 Categories that you can enter into. Commercial, Digital Art, Fine Art, Nature, Portrait, and Wedding. 


Commercial Category entries are easily described as entries for commercial use.  Images for commercial use are not usually processed with heavy HDR techniques or textures and painterly effect. They are images that can be used on a company website, a magazine, a travel brochure, text book for example a cookbook or news publications. Please read each class for details on that class.  

Image by Christian Redermayer

Image by Christian Redermayer – Canada | Image Name - C3 Sutters Victoria BC
Class - Architecture

C1 Advertising and Marketing

An advertising and marketing image submission can be presented as an actual advertisement (with text) that is ready to be published or it can be of an image that clearly displays what the marketing campaign is about. 

Advertising and marketing images are used in magazines, websites, brochures, tradeshow, and other marketing campaigns. 

C2 Aerial and Drone-Commercial

This class for aerial and drone photography is for images that are to be used commercially.  Example of these types of images would be, a construction project in commercial or industrial environment, a golf course or hotel from above for advertising, a city or area overview for tourism and anything that has to do with capturing a project from above for commercial use. 

C3 Architecture-Commercial

Commercial architectural images reflect an image which a client (architects, construction management firms, construction companies, suppliers, engineering firms, home builder, renovators, interior designers) can use for purposes of reporting and or advertising. Commercial architecture images must be in color. The title of the image should encompass a part or whole name of the project. Images can be of building interiors, building exteriors, shots of interior design etc.

This class is not for fine art images. Images MUST be for commercial use. 

 Fine Art Architecture images may be entered in Architecture - F3 Fine Art Class.

C4 Cinema Stills and Event Photography

A film still (sometimes called a publicity still or a production still) is a photograph taken on or off the set of a movie or television program during production. These photographs are also taken in formal studio settings and venues of opportunity such as film stars' homes, film debut events, and commercial settings.

This class can also be used for images captured at concerts, or other events. 

C5 Corporate and Environmental Portraits

Corporate Portraits are for portraits for business websites, bios, and articles 
Environmental Portraits are images created in the environment of the businessperson.
Some examples are, 

  • A doctor in a hospital where he practices. 
  • A CEO in their office, boardroom or in an area of his business. 
  • A dance teacher in their studio. 
  • An artist in their gallery or studio.

C6 Industrial

Industrial images are usually used in both the overview of an industrial project or close ups of people at work in the industrial field. Examples of industrial images are, oil and gas industry, warehousing, industrial plants. Images could also include factories running their product. 

C7 Fashion

Images of fashion must encompass at least one person. If you are using perfume, jewelry, or make-up, alone, without a person, it should be entered into the Advertising C1 or Product C10 classes.  

C8 Food

Commercial food images are images that are used in cookbooks and other various advertising assignments. They could also be used for menus, billboards, banners in grocery stores, etc.

The Commercial Food Class is not for fine art food images. Fine art food images can be submitted into still life in the Fine Art Category.

C9 Product

Images in this class should clearly deliver the message of the product. Product branding is allowed. 

No text is allowed as in C1 Adverting for this class. Names appearing on the product, example on a perfume bottle or wine bottle is allowed. There should not be any people in the image. 

C10 Reportage

Images may consist of the following subjects, and if entered in this class, must conform to World Press criteria with no manipulations applied to the image (see World Press Rules provided). Only standard & global image production techniques limited to exposure, colour balance, cropping, vignetting is permitted.

World Press Complete Rules...

  • Breaking Stories
  • Environment
  • Politics
  • Science
  • War
  • Sports
  • General News
  • Investigative
  • Business
  • Art
  • Celebrity

C11 Travel

Travel images are images that can be used when advertising tourism in magazines, travel agencies and other avenues of advertising.  

Commercial landscape images should not include false elements (for example, stars and moons not normally found at the location). 

Feeling of the image, should have a more natural feel and able to be used for marketing of tourism. 


Fine Art Photography is photography created in line with the vision of the photographer as an artist, using photography as a medium for creative expression. The goal of fine art photography is to express an idea, a message, or an emotion. There are plenty of classes to enter. This is a very open Category. Take time to read each class. 

Website - Greg Boratyn

Image by -  Greg Boratyn – USA | Image Name – In a Constant Motion 
Category, Fine Art | Class - Fine Art Landscapes

F1 Abstract

Same as D1 Digital Art Abstract – anything goes here. The final image needs to have an abstract feeling.

F2 Aerial or Drone - Fine Art

Fine Art Aerial or Drone class images are images that display landscapes from above that may be used for art to hang on a wall. These images should not look commercial in any way and should look artistic.

F3 Architecture - Fine Art

Fine Art Architecture images are considered unique images of architecture that are sold for displaying in homes and offices. This usually comes from part of a building a whole building or architecture feature. They may include architecture that is digitally altered. Images are sold for fine art purposes and not for commercial purposes.  Images may include newer buildings, historical building, bridges, and architectural fountains, statues and so on.  

F4 Black and White

Black and White Fine Art images may be of landscapes, seascapes, cityscapes, fine art architecture, travel images, floral, panoramas. May include anything in the Fine Art Category.

F5 Infrared Photography

Infrared photography is a look into the invisible world. The human eye can see wavelengths from about 400nm-700nm (from purple to red); infrared is the light beyond 700nm. IR photography can be done with either infrared film, or a digital camera, and typically involves near infrared light in the 700nm to 1200nm range.  Images entered must be a true infrared image and not a black and white.

F6 Cultures of our World

Illustrating the ambiance of a place, as well as the feeling one gets from the land, people, and cultures that inhabit it. Very broad in its subject matter, this class makes use of elements of portraiture, landscape photography, food, culture, farming, architecture photography, street photography, and night photography, among others.

Black and white photography is also a commonly used technique and may be used for this class. What this class does NOT allow, is painterly or textured images. 

F7 Fine Art Cityscapes

Cityscapes are landscapes that are in their environment (the city). Cityscapes may include bridges, overview of a city or town, a street or area, architecture that a certain city may be famous for or anything that speaks of a city or urban environment.  

If your image has a more artistic feel with textures or is painted, please enter in F8. 

Panoramas are allowed in this class.

F8 Fine Art Cityscapes - Painterly and or Artistic

Same as F7, however, creating a more artistic flare by including textures or a painterly feel. 

All Image processing, including painting MUST be completed by the photographer/artist submitting. 

Panoramas are allowed in this class.

F9 Fine Art Landscapes

Fine Art Landscape images are landscapes that can also be purchased as art to hang on a wall or be displayed in an art show. Unlike N5, this class may include objects such as barns, lighthouses, wildlife, changing of skies, including stars. Objects should only encompass a smaller percentage of the overall landscape.

Unlike in the Nature Category of landscapes, this class does allow manmade subjects. 

If your image has a more artistic feel with textures or is painted, please enter in F10. 

Panoramas are allowed in this class.

F10 Fine Art Landscapes - Painterly and or Artistic

Same as F9, however, creating a more artistic flare by including textures or a painterly feel. 

All Image processing, including painting MUST be completed by the photographer/artist submitting. 

Panoramas are allowed in this class.

F11 Fine Art Seascapes/Waterscapes

Fine Art Seascapes are images captured that can also be purchased as art to hang on a wall or be displayed in an art show. Unlike Nature Category, this class does allow manmade subjects. 

Unlike in the Nature Category of Seascpaes, this class does allow manmade subjects. 

If your image has a more artistic feel with textures or is painted, please enter in F11. 

Panoramas are allowed in this class.

F12 Fine Art Seascapes/Waterscapes - Painterly and or Artistic

Same as F11, however, creating a more artistic flare by including textures or a painterly feel. 

All Image processing, including painting MUST be completed by the photographer/artist submitting. 

Panoramas are allowed in this class.

F13 Fine Art Floral

Images in the Fine Art Floral class are images that are purchased for art prints.  Images may have the painterly effect and other effects that will create a piece of art.

F14 Impressionism

Impressionism is a genre of photographic abstraction and perception. Example, the goal is not capturing the landscape as is, during a beautiful sunrise or sunset. You are trying to transform a feeling, or impression of the scene into a photograph.


F15 Nature

Nature Fine Art Images are images of wildlife, birds, reptiles, and mammals that have been processed to create a fine art image that can easily be displayed on a wall. 

No painterly images allowed in this class. Please use F16

F16 Nature - Painterly or Artistic

Same as F15however, creating a more artistic flare by including textures or a painterly feel. 

All Image processing, including painting MUST be completed by the photographer/artist submitting. 

F17 Macro Art

Images of Macro or Microscopic Photography need to be unique and able to hang as a piece of art on a wall. Some images for this class may include insects, floral, and more.

F18 Smartphone

Cell Phones are always with us and easy access to capturing quick moments. Images entered must have a Fine Art feel to them. Example, would this image hang on a wall?

F19 Still Life

Fine Art Still Life Photography may be of anything that you can create into a piece of art. It can be a vase, a bike, a car, a floral, an apple, or anything that is a still item.

F20 Travel

Travel Images are usually captured while traveling. They can also be captured within your area. Travel images can be from a street view. a market, a building that is a landmark, food, and anything that can speak of tourism or of the city or country you are photographing. 


Capturing one of the most special days in a couples life is something that should be taken seriously. This year, we have allowed for wedding images that have been created from an actual wedding and for images created for website stock. What is not allowed in this category are images taken at a workshop. Non wedding creative images must be from the photographers own vision. 

(c) Aly Kuler

Image by Aly Kuler - USA | Image Name - Legacy
Category, Wedding | Class - W1 Brides Tale

W1 Bride's Tale

Brides Tale class is all about the bride. Examples of images are the bride getting ready, her interaction with others, with her parents. The focus of the image must be on the bride.

W2 Groom's Tale

Grooms Tale class is all about the groom. Examples: the groom getting ready, his interaction with others, with his parents, his best friend. The focus of the image must be on the groom.

W3 Bridal Party

Bridal Party class is anything to do with the bridal party. Images can be with the bride and bridesmaids, the groom with the groomsmen, or the whole group together.

W4 Wedding Couple

The Wedding Couple class is anything to do with the bride and groom. Images can be before, during and after the wedding.   

W5 Wedding Ceremony

Wedding ceremony class images are about anything during the ceremony and the wedding couples’ vows.  

W6 Wedding Details

Wedding details images are about the fine little things that create the perfect wedding. The flowers, the rings, the wedding dress, the table settings, the champagne glasses. A successful wedding detail image will have the full focus on that detail.    

W7 Photojournalistic Story

Photojournalistic wedding photography is an un-posed and undirected visual narrative of your wedding day. True wedding photojournalists have an unobtrusive presence that allows them to capture un-staged moments without interfering in their creation or altering the scene.

W8 Wedding Creative

Wedding creative images are images that have been captured for fun or as stock for your website. Images must be your creation and NOT captured during a workshop you attended. 

W9 Wedding Story

Wedding Story can encompass any part of the wedding. It could be the vows, the reception, the family. Any part of the wedding can be entered here. 

W10 Trash the Dress

Images created for this class are post wedding images that display the elegance of the wedding gown in a setting which it is out of place for the normal wedding. 

We have included a link with some samples.  


Classes are more in depth, breaking up the categories further into a more specialized field. Example, Architecture and Fashion are classes within the Commercial Category.


Definition “Digital art is an artistic work or practice that uses digital technology as part of the creative or presentation process.”

As photographers, we take our talents to higher levels while creating images as digital art. Images of digital art can be composites, digitally painted photographs, they can be images of landscape where technics were used to give more DOF, a new sky, addition of more landscape elements to create a more fantasy scene. It could be an image of a portrait story that encompasses several photographs brought together. It could be an old style Masters portrait that are painted. What Digital Art is not, is a photograph where only the basic adjustments have been done as exposure, saturation, contrast, and other basic adjustments. The main subject or must have been captured by the photographic artist other then in D3.

Image By Hanna Neret - Sweden

Image by Hanna Neret - Sweden | Image Name - Children Ages You
Class - Digital Illustrative Storytelling

D1 Digital Abstract Art

Anything goes here, create your own vision and abstract. This can be painted, digitally created, or images you have captured and altered. This class is not for stock images alone.  

D2 Digitally Altered Portraits

Digitally altered portraits can be anything from painted portraits to adding parts as wings or creating a fantasy style portrait.

Sample  Alana Lee - Letting Go

D3 Digitally Created Fantasy

Fantasy photography is a style of photography with fictional scenes. They could follow a concept of a series of images or create something new from scratch. What makes these fantasy images is the choice of subjects and the reimagining of the setting.

Nikolina Petolas
Tommy Ingberg

D4 Digital Fine Art

In this class anything goes. Image may be 100% digital or images may have part of a photograph or part of many photographs. The result must be pleasing. This class is for the artist at heart. This class is not for stock images. 

D5 Digital Illustrative Storytelling

Digital Illustrative Story Telling is when images are made with composites to create a story line.

D6 Digitally Altered Landscapes, Seascapes, Cityscapes

This class has been created for the Nature and Landscape photographic artists. The sky's the limit! Change skies, add weather effects, add new backgrounds, add wildlife. Images entered must have been altered in some way other then the basic exposure, saturation, and contrast.

D7 Digitally Altered Nature

Digitally Altered Nature Images are images of wildlife, birds, reptiles, fish, and mammals that have been processed to create an artsy feel.


Images in Nature Category need to have a natural feel. Images must not have anything man made in them, such as bridges, roads, powerlines, benches and anything that has been created by man.  Images can be cleaned up by removing any small man made items or branches or grass that may be distracting or not allowed. Entrants are not allowed to add items or change backgrounds as skies. No textures, painterly effects. No black and white. Only basic adjustments such as exposure, contrast, saturation, clarity and cropping are allowed. Graduated filters vignetting is allowed.  Images are more of a National Geographic feel. 

Image by Marcello Galleano - Italy | Image Name -  Magical Setting At The Pole
Category, Nature  | Class -  Wildlife

N1 Birds and Birds of Prey

This class is for any type of bird. It can be a parrot, a bird in the wild, an eagle, a pheasant, or anything that has feathers. Birds can be captured in any environment.

No human elements, textures, painterly effects, or black and white images.  

N2 Botanical

Botanical images are more of a natural feel and usually captured in their environment. These images are usually used as taxonomical reference purposes. Some may also be used as artwork. The images can consist of a simple floral or a botanical sceene. 

No human elements, textures, painterly effects, or black and white images.  

N3 Natures Macro

This class encompasses subjects as insects, butterflies, in-depth look at leaves, trees... Anything in nature that can showcase its miniature or detailed beauty with a macro lens or telescope.

No human elements, textures, painterly effects, or black and white images.  

N4 Natures Intimate Landscapes/Seascapes

There is so much beauty in our world when it comes to nature and our environment. Intimate scenes are tighter scenes and can be created to hang on walls as art pieces. We have some examples of intimate landscapes to give a better understanding of this class.

No human elements, textures, painterly effects, or black and white images.  

Peter Lik - Autumns Flame
Peter Lik - Scarlet Moods
Peter Lik - Autumn Moods
Charlette Gibb - Sentinels
Inge Bovens - The End of an Era

N5 Natural Landscapes

Natural Landscapes are landscapes that are in their environment without the touch of anything manmade.

No human elements, textures, painterly effects, or black and white images.  

N6 Natural Seascapes/Waterscapes

Natural seascapes or waterscapes can consist of oceans, lakes, rivers, waterfalls, ponds etc... 

No human elements, textures, painterly effects, or black and white images.  


N7 Underwater Nature

Underwater nature images can be anything that lives underwater. This can encompass coral reefs, natural underwater landscapes, or many types of fish. Sea life images can be captured in any environment.

No human elements, textures, painterly effects, or black and white images.  

N8 Wildlife

Wildlife images are images of any wildlife that roam wild on land and is not a pet, however images may be captured on a wildlife farm or zoo from your travels.  

No human elements, textures, painterly effects, or black and white images.  


Portrait Photography is about capturing the spirit, character,  identity and attitude of a person, group of people, or a pet. There are many types of portraits we can create and many styles of processing. We have included a number of classes for this category to help capture the various styles portrait photography masters use. 

Painterly Portraits are only allowed in class P7, P8 and in P10. P12.

Composites are only allowed in P6, P9, P10, and P12 only. 

Image by Bernd Schirmer - Germany | Image Name -  Erato Longing for Love
Class - Portrait Story

P1 Child Portrait (13 and under)

Child portraits up to 13 years of age. They can be captured in studio, in their environment. Images can be a portrait story, more then one child, it could be a fine art portrait, a traditional portrait, a high key or any style photographer want to enter. 

Composites are not allowed in this class. Please enter composites in Digital Art. 

P2 Children of our World

Children of the World is a new class honoring all children in their environment. Images could have been captured from a trip or from your country. We have included some samples to give an understanding of style of images. 

Dawn Townsend
Pinterest Sample 1
Pinterest Sample 2
World Vision

P3 Couples Including Engagement

Couples and engagement class can be taken in any environment. Can be a post wedding image. Must only encompass one couple.

P4 Character Portrait

Capturing character through portraits is a way of photographing a subject with their real and true essence – by showcasing personal passions, hands on life work and a unique sense of self – character photography creates a real and true representation of the people being photographed.  

Sample 1
Mark Bryant 1
Mark Bryant 2
Wayne Simpson

P5 Portrait (1 Person)

Portrait class can include any type of portrait of a single person. Brides or wedding images are not included in this class.

P6 Family Portrait (2 Or More)

Family class is for a family of at least 2. Could be with a parent or could be all siblings, or could include grandparents, aunts, uncles, siblings, partners. Anything that has to do with a family portrait and that is at least 2 family members. 

P7 Fine Art Portrait

Fine Art Portraits are for portraits out of the ordinary. They usually have a painterly look and feel but not necessarily.  They may be finished with textures, be painted, or any other affects that will give the portrait an artistic finish. 

P8 Traditional North American Portraits

Traditional portraits are portraits that have been created in studio with traditional posing and lighting. These portraits can as well be painted portraits. 


William Branson III
Joseph and Louise Simone
Tim Kelly
Yedi Koeshendi

P9 Portrait Story

Portrait Story images should easily show the viewer the story you are trying to tell. Composites may be used to create the feel you are going for. 

P10 Maternity and Newborn

Maternity images may be captured in studio, outdoors and or underwater. Newborn photos are photos of newborns up to 8 weeks. They can have painterly effect or be composite example placing a newborn in a flower or other element. 

P11 Fine Art Nude or Figure Study

Fine art nude photography is a genre of fine-art photography which depicts the nude human body with an emphasis on form, composition, emotional content, and other aesthetic qualities. The nude has been a prominent subject of photography since its invention and played an important role in establishing photography as a fine art medium.

P12 Pet Photography

Pet photography images can include images of pets in studio or outdoors. Can include more then one pet. 

P13 Underwater Portrait Photography

Underwater portrait photography must consist of at least one person. Image must have been captured underwater. 

P14 Women's Photography

Women's photography has always been one of the genres many photographers enjoy. In this class, there are no composites allowed. You are allowed to finish the image with a painterly effect, textures. 

Images can be boudoir, pin up or anything that speaks of a woman that is not nude.