As a registered entrant with the IIC, you are eligible for all the benefits of the MPI Master's Degree Program. 

Benefits include; points towards the MPI Degree Program, the prestigious MPI Degree, the MPI IIC Winners Certificates and the MPI IIC Crystal Trophies. 


BRONZE AWARD * 78% - 83.99%
SILVER AWARD * 84% - 89.99%
GOLD AWARD   * 90% - 94.99%
PLATINUM AWARD * 95% - 100%

Image by - Michael Andrejkow
Image Name - Time, Silver Award
N5 - Natural Landscapes



The MPI International Image Challenge is an educational and inspirational competition and is open to all professional, novice and hobbyists. MPI believes that pushing yourself through competition helps us excel in the art of photography along with staying inspired.


All entrants automatically become members of the Master Photographers International Organization. There are no fees for membership to the MPI Organization.


1.    Entrants must be in good standing within the organization,


2.    All original images must be captured and exposed by the entrant. For composite using stock photos, the main subject must be captured by the entrant and if extra images from a stock agencies are being used, you must obtain proper licensing. 


3.    Entries produced during a workshop or under the supervision of an instructor are NOT eligible.  


4.    No two entries of the same image or subject setting are to be entered in the same or different class, 

5.    Images entered previously in the IIC, cannot be re-entered. 


6.    The entrant’s name must not be visible anywhere on the image If the photographers name or the photographers branding is included anywhere on the image, image will unfortunately be disqualified.



To be eligible for the POY Awards you must enter 4 or more image in that Category and in at least 2 or more Classes.  

8.    Entries are to be in digital jpeg format, RGB color space. 


9.  Images that are captured and produced from an existing photograph, movie banner, video banner cover or art-work of another photographer or artist and created to look as the existing photograph or art work; will be disqualified from the competition. This will constitute plagiarism.


10.  Entries that may violate copyright, trademark laws, will be disqualified. Ensuring proper approval is the responsibity of the entrant.


11.  Images created by another photographer and used as your own will not only disqualify the member from the competition but also the organization. 


12.  Winners of more than (1) Photographer of the Year in Category, will be eligible to a maximum of (2) Photographer of the Year in Category in the current year entering. Highest Scoring Categories will be selected.


13.  You agree and understand that all entries into any MPI IIC, may be used for promoting the winners, for promoting the MPI IIC, for Video announcement and for web display.


14.  To earn a Class Award, image must achieve an 82.5% or higher.

15.  It is the entrants responsibility to have the correct and all information for their shipping address. If address is incorrect, cost incurred will be the  responsibility of the entrants.  

16.  You understand that the MPI International Image Challenge is not responsible for duties in the entrants country. It is the entrants responsibility for any fees charged by your country. 

17. You understand that Canvas may be removed from image when creating the Winners Circle Video and the winners certificates.