Starting in 2020 we have included the prestigious Mentorship Award honoring  our industries BEST mentors and educators. 

To submit images  for the Mentorship Award - the following rules apply. 


1. You must have successfully hosted workshops or you have  presented workshops for a professional organization or association in the photographic industry or mentored numerous photographers for nothing less than 7-years.

2. Images submitted have been created from a workshop you have hosted and the images have been captured by you during one of your workshop presentations, this includes private sessions to a student. 

3. Image naming should be as follows
MA The Stadium in Luxembourg
MA Portrait Lighting With Vanessa

Can I enter if I am judging? 

Yes you can, the images will be judged by the IIC directors and  a panel of judges who have not entered in the current years Mentorship Awards in the current year. 

4. You may enter as many images in any of the 6 Categories.  No class is necessary. 

Digital Art
Fine Art

5. Can I enter images I have entered in the regular part of the competition? Yes you may enter images that have been entered prior in the Category and Class Awards.

6. Image size - 3000 pixels on the longest side. 

7. Successful winning image must score a Silver Award or higher.