All images must have a name - this displays on the winning certificates. Image name must be between 5 to 30 Characters including spaces.

Image 1, Image 2 etc, is not a name. Naming of images is part of your score. If you are having problems naming your image, posting in our support group and asking for help is advised. We are all willing to help. 

Digital files must include Class and Image name as shown below. 

Sample of Image Naming

The Kelly Wedding
The Arts Building
Once Upon A Stream

DO NOT Cap the full title. Do not use underscores.


BRONZE AWARD * 79% - 84.99%
SILVER AWARD * 84% - 89.99%
GOLD AWARD   * 90% - 94.99%
PLATINUM AWARD * 95% - 100%


Color Profile should be in Adobe RGB color space.  


Digital single image size must be sized to 3000 pixels on the longest side saved at the highest quality, this would include canvas. Sizing for Book or Album Entry is 4000 pixels on the longest side of the 2-page flat. 

Image by Greg Boratyn - USA | Image Name - The Secret Beach
Class - N6 Natural Waterscapes