Why can I enter more then 4 images in a category now?

You can now enter more then 4 images in the Category and Class awards. The TOP Winners are selected on their highest 4 scoring images two classes in that category.  Keeping in mind you are still required to enter into two or more classes in a category when trying for the POY title. 

Can I use the same person more then once?

Yes, you can now use the same person or model more then once. However, they should not be from the same session. 

Can I leave my branding on my images?

Branding is not allowed on images, albums or books. It is not fair to the judges to judge images where they know the maker. Entries with members logo or branding are disqualified. 

Can I enter a Black and White Image in Nature Category?

Black and white images of landscapes, seascapes and wildlife can be entered into the the Fine Art Category in a number of classes  along with being entered into Digital Art Category. 

Entering a black and white image into Nature Category will disqualify the image.  Image can be entered the following year again in appropriate category and class.

What should I know about using a canvas?

If you are using a canvas, canvas must still be 3000 pixels on the longest side. 

If you using a canvas - please also include a copy of that image without a canvas at the 3000 pixels on the longest side when uploading your entry.  

If you are entering 4 images on a canvas, then you should be entering 4 images with the canvas and 4 of the SAME images without the canvas. Images not on canvas MUST still be 3000 pixels on the longest side. 

Images on Canvas will only be used during judging and some may be used in the winners circle video depending in the canvas. 

Images without the canvas will be used for the Winners Circle Video and for your winning certificates. 

What is allowed when editing Nature Category images?

You are able to to use the following adjustments;

  • Contrast 
  • Exposure and brightness
  • Saturation
  • Clarity and sharpness remove obstruction and branches to make a more appealing image. 
  • You CANNOT ADD to the image any new skies or wildlife. However, you are able to remove any distracting elements example branches, grass, wildlife or manmade items etc. For adding wildlife to a scene, please use Digital Art or Fine Art Categories. 
  • Using textures like grunge or overlays or png's of butterflies or birds, will disqualify image. 

Can I enter the same image in two Categories or Classes?

Images are only allowed to be entered once in any of the 6 Categories and it's classes. Once you entered an image into the competition once, you are NOT able to re-enter it again in any of the IIC Annual Competitions unless the image was disqualified for a certain reason and the error has been corrected. 

How many judges, judge each image?

With the Annual MPI International Image Challenge - 5 judges are chosen to judge each image and the average of the 5 final judging scores are used for each image. 

What size and color profile does my image have to be?

Images have to be 3000 pixels on the longest side. This includes the canvas if you are using a canvas. 

Color Profile has to be RGB. 

Does Nature, wildlife have to be captured in the wild?

Wildlife can be captured in the wild or in a wildlife farm. 

Can I submit my image on a digital canvas?

Yes, you can add your image to a canvas. Here is what you need to know if you do. 

  1. Canvas needs to be 3000 pixels on the longest side. 
  2. White is preferred canvas, but color is allowed.
  3. If you are adding your image to a canvas, you will need to include the image again without the canvas at 3000 pixels on the longest side. 
  4. Images which you submit that are added on canvas, will be judged with the canvas, and images without the canvas, will be used for the Winners Circle Video (Awards Video) and for the certificates.  

Can I submit a painted image I painted if the image is not mine?

Absolutely not! 

You can however submit your image the image was painted. In this instance the image is credited to both the photographer and and artist. 

Why did I not receive POY-I won more class awards

This can easily happen for a the following reason

The Winner may have entered in different classes then you and not earned a class award as another entrant received the class award - however their overall score on the 4 images entered was higher. 

The class awards (First Place) go to the highest scoring image in that class. The POY is chosen from the highest score of the combined 4 images.