About the IIC and the Crystal Awards

The International Image Challenge (IIC) is one of todays most prestigious international competitions to enter. The focus of the IIC is not only to reward top talent in the photographic industry but to also help educate novice and growing photographers in the art of photography as they enter the annual competition. 

The IIC is part of the Master Photographers International Organization. With the MPI IIC members have the option to work at earning specialized degrees and accreditations in their field of photography. Some members are only interested in entering the annual awards. The MPI IIC offers both options. 

The MPI IIC International Photographer of the Year receives,

  • The IPCA Crystal Cup
  • The POY Crystal Athena Globe Trophy
  • The POY Category Trophy 
  • $1000.00 cash in USD  

The Athena International POY Award

The IIC honors excellence with it's Olympic style trophy line from ancient Greece and Rome. The “Athena Trophy” the award for the IIC TOP International Winner was custom designed at a cost of $18,000 and took a year to finalize and create.  The IIC is no ordinary competition, and the founding directors work hard at ensuring the best for members and entrants of the MPI International Image Challenge and the MPI Program. 

The International Image Challenge is an annual awards event. Because of the details that are encompassed with the MPI IIC, we focus all our energy in making it the competition to enter. 

For the Highest Scoring Image in Show, the Award Trophy is Aphrodite reaching up to the highest level holding the crystal world globe. 

The International Photographer of the Year in a Category Award trophy, were created to symbolize the pillars from histories ancient architecture in Greece and Rome. 

The Class Awards trophies mimic the POY in Category Awards on a smaller scale.